Heating water treatment

Heating water treatment

Heating water treatment:
Because safety feels better.

Heating water treatment protects you and your heating

“Heating water treatment is essential because it safeguards your warranty claims and preserves the service life of your heating system!”

Water is our most important asset and must be protected as a vital resource. That’s why the drinking water ordinance states that drinking water is to be protected against contamination.

Protecting drinking water by treating heating water

Drinking water can be protected by installing appropriate safety valves and treating the heating water.

IMPORTANT: If you want to prevent damage and avoid liability, you also need to treat the make-up water ! So be on the safe side by installing a replenishment system to ensure a constant supply of make-up water!

Protect yourself

You can only protect yourself against the following issues if the water quality complies with the requirements set out in the relevant standards, such as VDI 2035 and EN 1717:

  • Manufacturer’s refusal to commission the system
  • The warranty claim being refused in the event of loss
  • Loss of performance and efficiency
  • Medium to long-term damage to the system

A word about the key standards

At the heart of VDI 2035 is the prevention of stone formation and corrosion caused by water. EN 1717 governs the safeguarding of drinking water against non-potable water, and EN 14336 stipulates that heating systems are to be flushed prior to commissioning.