A strong team – grown over decades.

Know-how grows by and by but the cooperation of a team also benefits from years of close cooperation. If a company has both, know-how and a strong team, it is unparalleled in performance, quality and implementation. The client benefits most from a professional handling with his actual situation. Our team provides a perfect, innovative and cost-effective solution for all cases.

“The basis of each company are its employees.”

Das UWS Technologie Team

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Georg Breitmoser Managing Director

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Georg Breitmoser

Steffen Breitmoser Managing Director

Steffen Breitmoser

Rüdiger Bleyl Head of Sales Europe

Rüdiger Bleyl

Michael Hamacher Regional sales management north 29xxx-31xxx, 37xxx-39xxx

Michael Hamacher

Günter Rosczyk Industrievertretungen Regional Sales Management East 01xxx-09xxx, 10xxx-19xxx, 99xxx

Günter Rosczyk Industrievertretungen

Markus Lübbers Regional Sales Management South 66xxx-79xxx, 88xxx-89xxx, A, CH, IT

Markus Lübbers

Michael Heyne Sales 32xxx-33xxx, 48xxx-49xxx, 59xxx

Michael Heyne

Sergio Perez Serrano Sales 40xxx-47xxx, 58xxx

Sergio Perez Serrano

Michael Hecker Sales 50xxx-54xxx, 56xxx

Michael Hecker

Christian Bergner Sales 34xxx-36xxx, 57xxx, 98xxx

Christian Bergner

Norman Karstens Sales 20xxx-28xxx

Norman Karstens

Michael Alter Sales 55xxx, 60xxx-65xxx, 97xxx

Michael Alter

Jürgen Saffer Sales 90xxx-93xxx, 95xxx-96xxx

Jürgen Saffer

A. Kellermann Industrievertretung Sales 80xxx-87xxx, 94xxx

A. Kellermann Industrievertretung

SAWA-ARION GmbH Sales austria


Nadine Breitmoser Head of Back Office

Nadine Breitmoser

Laura Vogel Assistance Human Resources

Laura Vogel

Jasmin Bartesch Team Leader Back Office

Jasmin Bartesch

Ida Kovaci (parental leave) Back Office

Ida Kovaci (parental leave)

Verena Simoleit (parental leave) Back Office

Verena Simoleit (parental leave)

Eva Kellermann (parental leave) Assistance personnel management

Eva Kellermann (parental leave)

Waltraud Breitmoser Procurement and Accounting

Waltraud Breitmoser

Nadine Schlötterer-Trump Procurement and Accounting

Nadine Schlötterer-Trump

Mario Milković Technology heating water

Mario Milković

Michael Herler Technology drinking water and disinfection

Michael Herler

Eleonora Müller (parental leave) Purchase and Warehouse Management

Eleonora Müller (parental leave)

Sandra Hoffmann Marketing Management

Sandra Hoffmann

Laura Burkhardt (parental leave) Marketing

Laura Burkhardt (parental leave)

Günther Kretschmer Head of Production

Günther Kretschmer

Alexander Graf Deputy Head of Production

Alexander Graf